To be, not to seem
Company's mission statement
Tagline «To be, not to seem» fully reflects the attitude of the Si Group management company
to their work. The care about guests comfort and the satisfaction of their gastronomic
desires is always come first.
An incredible atmosphere of cosiness
and hospitality was created using:
Delicious dishes prepared according to unique recipes
Price policy
We keep the affordable price on the most items to satisfy the needs of the guests
Wide range of dishes
A unique menu integrated the characteristics of the region as well as the preferences of the guests based on 12 years of work
Children's playroom
Each restaurant has a "children's corner", an animator works with children on weekends
We provide perfect service for all kinds of events for business and government
Children's menu
Specially designed menu will delight the youngest guests
Workshops for children and adults
Different entertainment programs for guests.
Si Group anticipates the desires of their guests. The restaurants offer menus with a focus on the
cuisines from different countries. Original recipes and knowledge of professional chefs are used to
create authentic dishes. With such a variety of cuisines of different nations of the world, Si Group
invites each guest to choose a perfect place to enjoy a fabulous meal.
Si Group. 12 years History
The Si Group management company has launched 12 successful projects since 2007. All of them have their own unique style and stay popular.
The main advantages of the company:
  • Concept
    The original concept of brands which is based on a combination of several ideas
  • Staff
    Highly skilled world–class chefs
  • Prices
    Competitive prices
  • Service
    High level of service and hospitableness
  • Adapted technologies
    Using products of national cuisines for cooking traditional dishes
  • Focus on the production
    Own pastry production, a wide range of desserts, all sorts of cakes and other pastry products made to order
  • Wide range of items
    Original coffee and wine menu
The Mazza Family Story
The history of the company begins in Italy after the Second World War. At this time, the founding
fathers began to engage in the restaurant business.
In the 70's, hereditary confectioner Carmen Mazza studied the secrets of confectionery art from
Italian masters in the province of Alexandria. The Mazza family opened their own coffee
production. And Pietro Mazza introduced the original taste of the best Italian coffee from Piemont
to the nothern part of Italy.
In 80's, the Mazza family opened and managed their own pizzerias, coffee houses and gelaterias in various Italian cities.
International activity
In the 90's, Pietro Mazza goes beyond the borders of Italy. His company is actively developed in
the markets of Europe and Asia. In addition to supplying unique coffee, raw materials and equipment for gelateria from its own factory in Piemont, Pietro Mazza offers the creation of the turnkey projects. All tasks including design, production, technical opening, recruitment and staff training were taken over by Mazza's company.
Giorgio and Andrea Mazza, as a professional restaurant business managers, helped to their father Pietro to cope with such difficult tasks.
In the 90s, Pietro organized the supply of special equipment for making coffee according to
traditional recipes. The opportunity to try the real Italian coffee "Sapore Italiano" "Taste of Italy"
also appeared among the residents of Russia and East Asia.
Then deliveries of the first European equipment for gelateria and confectionery production were started around the world.
The first restaurant of Si Group
2004-2007. Giorgio Mazza worked on the creation of a unique place combining the traditional
cuisine, comfort and local color of Italy.
The first restaurant of the Si Group was opened in 2007.
Cafe Sapore Italiano

Cafe Sapore Italiano was opened the first location in 2007 Guests appreciate the delicious taste of
authentic Italian dishes, the original coffee menu and the unique atmosphere of the cafe.

Cafe Sapore Italiano
The highlight of this Italian cafes is that they are perfect for a business lunch as well as for
a romantic dinner or a family meeting. Space is well organized, so guests have feeling of privacy and cosiness. In the cafe they can feel the indescribable atmosphere of Italy.
The menu is developed by Italian chefs, and the cooking process is under their strict control. In the
Cafe Sapore Italiano chain guests enjoy the original tastes of Italy.
Si Group's Projects
It is a unique chain of the Italian cafes. The menu is inspired by authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Italian chefs are responsible for the originality of the recipes and the quality of meals. The guests are offered traditional dishes prepared according to the original recipes which is passed down through generations.
The cafes are perfect for organizing family parties.

La Caffetteria
The Italian caffetteria with a wide selection of coffee and coffee-based drinks. All used blends of
original Italian coffee are made in own factory in Piedmont. Unique tastes and aromas will conquer
even the most sophisticated guest. Filippo Medzaro, the 2014 world champion in espresso cooking,
has developed three special coffee blends for La Caffetteria. This is the perfect place for breakfast,
business or personal meeting.

Casa Italia
The authentic Italian restaurant is a result of collaboration of brand chef Riccardo Giretti and
concept chef Mariano Valerio. The original recipes are modified by "Very Italian Project".
The icon of this place is a real wood-burning stove located in the restaurant hall. This is where
traditional Italian pizza is cooked. Guests enjoy the smell of firewood and watch how the pizza
makers and cooks work.
The exclusive design of the restaurant creates an atmosphere of comfort and modest luxury. Many
interior details and serving items are hand made by Italian craftsmen in Umbria.
Casa Italia is the place where evenings, lunches and breakfasts will be truly atmospheric and cozy.

Dolce Sapore
This is the confectionery cafe with a wide range of traditional Italian desserts, cakes and gelato. The
menu has developed by the concept pastry chef Rita Bussalakki. She carefully monitors compliance
with the recipe in the preparation of traditional and modern desserts.
The interior of the hall is designed in the 60's style. Guests are offered soft comfortable sofas and
stylish decor items. They can enjoy the classic and unusual tastes of desserts, gelato and cakes not
only in the cafe. Dishes from the menu are available for takeaway.
Si Group owns the confectionery production and the brand «Dolce Sapore». Impeccable desserts of
any complexity are delivered directly to the customer.

The family restaurant of Middle Eastern cuisine with the special menu from Mohammed Esa, a
world-class brand chef from Egypt. The wide geography of dishes includes traditional cuisines of
Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.
The traditional Oriental interior, warmth in everything from furniture to the smallest serving items,
handmade plates and trained staff make Levante a truly authentic restaurant.
Many dishes are cooked on the grill, and a charming appetizing aroma fills the entire space of the
restaurant. And Turkish coffee here is brewed on sand in accordance with a thousand year tradition.

Iromi Asian Bistro
Pan Asian bistro for cozy informal meetings. The original menu was developed by the concept-chef
from Japan Nobuya Niimori. It includes dishes from the different cuisines: classical Chinese dim
sum, Japanese sushi and rolls, Vietnamese Pho soup, Peking duck and etc.
The zest of Iromi is the chef Jeffrey Abanto. He is the master of the special teppanyaki technique.
When the guests order the dishes from the Teppan-Yaki menu they enjoy not only the unusual combinations of flavors but also an exciting cooking show.
The bistro is ideal for a business meeting at lunch as well as for a quiet romantic or family evening.

restaurants Si Group
Prosecco Bar
An elegant and stylish cinema bar was opened in the VIP area of the Horizon "Cinema & Emotion"
cinema complex in 2018.
The bar works in two ways:
- in the restaurant hall guests can try dishes from the special menu from the brand-chef of the
Prosecco Bar as well as drinks from unique bar menu;
- meal delivery to the cinema halls of the VIP zone. Guests of the cinema can enjoy food
without interrupting viewing. It is easy to choose drinks and dishes online or call the waiter
with special button.

Si Group statistics
Company with a 50-year history
years on the market
successful projects
750 000
people in a year
Other business activities
Own confectionery brand "Dolce Sapore"
Meal delivery
The chain of Italian delicacies shops "Si Market"
Cooking School "Si Chef"
The Si Group management company has successful experience in creating and developing new original projects.
Si Group offers:
Remote business management
Integrated management
Si Group provides
Successful business model
Recommendations about the location of the restaurant
Agreed design project, furniture arrangement, equipment specifications
Advice and recommendations for choosing suppliers
Full technological support
Development of instructions and job responsibilities for each employee
Development and implementation of the general rules of the restaurant
Managerial and line staff selection
Professional and specialized staff training
Employee Certification for Professional Ability
International Service Standards
Contact us:
Italy : +39 328 534 2239
Asia: +63 9155985121
Eastern Europe: +7 928 602 03 26
Middle East and Africa +971 50 913 6549
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